Bc coilovers rear bottom bushes

Hi, can one of you lovely bunch please advise where I can get the correct rubbers/bushes for the bottom of the shocksimage image image image

So just a little update, I had contacted bc coilovers and they have got back to me surprisingly quick!! I didn’t expect a reply to be honest hopefully they will sort me out with the parts needed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::grinning::grinning:


How do you find the BC’s ride? I put them on my Silvia and TBH rue the day I did as it now rides so hard. If it didnt look so cool I’d put the stock suspension back on. The stock suspension on the GTO rides beautifully as a daily but there IS an awful lot of wheel gap. LOL

Hard and bumpy haha to be honest I haven’t had much drive time with the car yet picked it up about 8 months ago and been in garage since

That’s the ride height of it, that’s when I first bought it

Much better now !! Still need to attack the rust !

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