Bc Coil overs to hard for me

Hi all, I’m old and frail…’91tt with BC Racing Shocks and the ride is so hard, great for a Track but on Buckinghamshire roads…aghhh.
Can someone advise, is it possible to change the Springs to “soften” the ride or should I replace both Shocks and Springs? Would anyone be interested in a set of BC Shocks in “as new” condition?

From what I read online. For the best ride experience in terms of comfort is to just stay completely stock. I thought about getting those for my car. But around where I live, the roads are too bad.

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Every car that I have bought with aftermarket shocks has been a bad ride. I always go back to stock.

I put BC’s on a Silvia and yeah it looks cool and low but horrible ride. Apparently Bilsteins are quite nice and some rave about Tein but I understand they can be quite harsh too. Mind you, I’d rather lose a bit of luxury to get rid of wheel gap.

Honestly standard shocks rode better than my bmw …

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been that route to and yep stock is the most comfortable. Bigger wheels and lower profile tyres won’t help either. Look at mine lol.

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