Back up camera issue

Hello all my name is:Larry
I have a:1991 GTO TT
It has the following issue: (be sure to describe it as best as you can. Remember to also tell us what you have tried so far)

So trying to hook up the back up camera function from my Clarion stereo to automatically turn on when I put it in reverse! Right now I can just press button on stereo to turn on back up camera but would like to know how and where do you hook it up for when you put the manual stick shift in reverse?

Wire it off the reverse light bulb supply wire. It should tell you this in the instructions. Basically the reverse wire sends the signal to activate the reverse camera

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vtecgrin has the answer. The reverse power wire should tee off to the reverse signal wire going to the headunit. Easy peasy. Since you already know you have camera signal by pushing the button you are halfway there.

Ok, so #18 fuse is the power wire to the back up lights but it’s a live wire to the transmission, tranny has a switch on it that when you put the shifter in reverse it completes the connection and sends power to the back up lights! This was my problem as I was trying to connect before the tranny switch, but now I know it’s either at the switch to connect which I will do as I can go through the firewall to it as apposed to running a long wire to the back of the car to the back up lights

Stop. Before you go any further and do damage. Check if the switching for the camera is positive or negative. On some units, the activation wire needs to be grounded in order to turn on the camera. This may not be the case for you but worth checking first.

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Thanks Joe, that’s kept in mind, it’s a positive wire that needs to hook up to the back up lights to turn on camera screen when put in reverse

Indeed. I had to provide a chassis ground to the backup light circuit on my setup, but the camera enable signal was positive polarity from the backup light.