Axles - and is there a difference

Hey there folks. Angela here from New Zealand. 1992 N/A Manual and 1991 TT project.
Can anyone please confirm whether or not there is a difference between the axles of the TTs and N/As.

I understand from good sources that the TT axles are indeed larger and therefore stronger but on checking the catalogue see that the part numbers are exactly the same which would lead me to believe me that there is no difference. Apparently though, the measurements really are different though.
Can someone please confirm as this has been bugging me for a while.

Do you mean the shafts Angela ?

My guess is the axles that go out to the wheel hub

To be honest Joe I’m not sure. Maybe it is the shafts. Just that there is apparently a difference between the NA and turbo yet I cannot find anything to support this. Mind you a friend says that it is most likely the splines and flange size at the rear are different. Can you please shed some light as this is bugging me

I think therein could lie the difference

There is definitely differences in the number of splines but this is as much to do with years as it is to do with models. Even the turbo models have different splines depending on the year.

Thanks. I also understood that there was a difference in the circumference but then without anything to compare I cant confirm nor deny. Like you say, it may be a year thing rather than a TT thing per se

Hi Angela, where in NZ are u

Hi there Kiwia. I’m in Waiuku. Are you on the GTO Perfomance NZ page?

Hi Angela, i’m in Whangarei, yes i’m in GTO Performance club NZ, but not as Kiwia. Now as for axels they are all the same, only diff being the spline of front cv into gb, which will be either 25 or 26, N/A, or TT, so all u have to do is get the right inner cv’s to suit, hope that helps u.

Hey thanks for that. I actually found out a little more in the interim. I measured the diameter of an N/A halfshaft and one that I believe is off a TT. There is a noticeable difference in diameters. By maybe a couple or three mil. I also believe there are different numbers of splines on the wheel hubs. TBH I find this quite intriguing…simply the lack of actual knowledge out there about this. Most of it seems to be because maybe if Mitsubishi told you they’d have to…well you know!

All car makers do it, they do it so u take your car to the dealer to fix, just go to YT and look up Gt3000/Vr4/GTO axles and see what comes up

Then they must have assumed that the buyers were really rich because man after doing one cambelt (well two actually - long story) I reckon I’d need a mortgage to pay the bill if I had to pay!

LOL, i’m a mech, so tell me about it LOL, believe me there are worse ones to do out there, so did u do it or your worst half, how’s the lock down going for u.
So do the axles u checked have the same No of splines, it maybe that the 26 spline axel is larger

I’ll count splines today and get back. I’m starting a new thread shortly about crank shaft sprockets

Make sure the nose ( the end of crank that the sprocket is on ) is nice and clean, now spray brake cleaner into the gap where the key is, do that a few times, LIGHTLY tap the sprocket with a small hammer working your way around the sprocket, u may have to do it a few times but it will come off. REPLACE crankshaft seal before putting it all back together. If u would like to Ph me u can at 09 4354374, I don’t mind helping u out

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