Auxiliary belt pullies

Hi guys.
I’m after the auxiliary belt pullies for the alternator and power steering pump.

The ones on the units themselves are OK.
The others are rather pitted and I’d rather replace them.

Could any of you good folks point me in the direction of where to find them or have any for sale.

Thank you in advance!!

Once I got home I had another look at the offending pullies.
It looks like the ones on the power steering are fine.
The other one however has had it.
But it looks to be the same as the cam belt tensioner.
I think I’ll just use my old cam sensioner pully.
Pic added for clarity :grin: is always a good place to look, or just ask Joe.

Thanks for the reply Vince.
I’ve been chatting to Joe about it.
Mine has the aircon pump removed by previous owner so my setup is a workaround.
That pully is indeed a timing belt tensioner.
It’s how he tensioned the belt as my alternator bracket has no adjustment.

I’ve used rockauto for almost everything so far.
But this being non standard explains why I struggled to find it on there :roll_eyes: