Auto owners recommends wanted

As you know I have both auto 3000Gt and and manual TT both 1993. The mods and bits for the manual are still totally manageable and available but even my trusty mechanics dont like working on the auto bits of the automatic.

At the moment everything is ok except three years after gearbox refurb the ring gear teeth have worn and starter is struggling ( making wear worse). Sadly with the early auto this is on the torque converter and last time it was easier/more sensible to get the full set (torque converter,flex plate and flywheel and starting motor, as it was for rebuild. At that time the guys who did the gearbox could not understand why starter did not work. Turned out to be the torque converter was refurbed and fitted with Gallant ring gear.
I have a set earmarked from a rusted donor car but that is not broken yet so what I am asking is whether other auto owner have got done, where and what spares for these bits are out there to buy now.
A torque converter with the relevant starter motor would be great.