At last Active Aero is working

After a lot of fault finding and restoring both front and rear wing, finally its working.

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Im sorry i couldn’t upload a video of the rear wing goes up and down.


What was not working and how did you repair. Rear is easy via Joe video but was it relays ,ecu in rear quarter ,front motor?

Front motor was a little bit difficult because of the rust, i had help from my father in law, we changed the rotten bar of the front aero with aluminium it came quite strong,changed all bolts and cleaned the motor inside out. After we tried it and work fine when goes down but when it goes up sometimes with delay. For the rear wing again we took out the cable greased ,changed switches, at first nothing happened. When we tried the wing out direct to a battery it worked just fine so, we were left with something electrical problem, We opened the rear to take out the aero computer from the trunk and when i switched manually we could here the relays clicking, one was not clicking, i gave the computer to my electrician and checked the relays, he told they were fine he took them out and gave them load and they worked, i was disappointed coz i tought it was the relays, again with my electrician tried the computer and when i switched on manually the front aero went down and the rear motor(coz we were trying it outside the wing) moved, i tried to switch off but the front was stuck down pos, i asked my electrician that if he put back the relays as they were and he told me no. I confirmed that the relays had to do a big part. I told the electrician to change the relays and he used relays with less amp s just to try. And when we tried the computer again,i put the key inside the lock, and amazingly the front aero went up again. Then i switched on manually and the motor worked also. We put back everything in place(the rear wing on the trunk) tried again and voila perfect. Both front and rear. One last trial on the road automatically the wing rise at around 75km and went back down at 43km. :slight_smile: It still works fine.

Thank you so much . In basic terms free up rusty bits after sorting back and connect direct to power to ensure they work. Then off to electrician with test facility for ecu and relays.

You need to go step by step, but if everything works for a period of time or if it stops after some trials, most probably you need to change the 3 relays of the aero computer.

Will take that pic to garage once I’ve done the basics. Thanks again really helpful

No problems :slight_smile: its nice to see the active aero working again. Hope you have less problems than i had.