Are these turbo rebuild kits ok for my turbos?

Hi, my turbos (Stock TD04-9B)need rebuilding after oil starvation and I found this kit on eBay: For Mitsubishi 3000 GT 3.0 ( L & R ) TD04-09B Turbo Wheel & shaft & Rebuild Kit | eBay

Do you guys see any issues with this kit, or have any better recommendations?

I use these all the time but make sure you confirm the turbine shaft diameter before ordering as there seems to be 3 sizes. I stock 7mm and 7.5mm but I had a forum member who had something different.

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Thanks for the reply Joe. Mine are the 7.5mm, they are completely ruined, as can be seen in the picture! This car is like a gift that keeps on giving! :laughing: Do you stock the shaft/wheels as well as the rebuild kits, or just the shaft/wheels?

I don’t have the turbine shaft, just the rest of the kit.

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