Ann Arbor, MI service garage

Lately, I’ve been finding a pretty good number of fellow owners in the Ann Arbor area, even meeting up with some of them.

I was looking for a garage to do work on this platform and found one in Ann Arbor called Illi’s garage. The currently have my Stealth in there doing a boatload of work on it. They’re doing an alignment, replacing all the motor mount bolts, the 60k timing belt, new radiator, replacing the cooolant with Evans, installing a billet overflow bottle, the fuel filter, full inspection of the suspension and clutch examination.

The reason I went with Illi’s is that they do work on classic cars (Duesenberg, MG, muscle cars, etc.) and take their time to do it correctly. Larry at the garage told me when they get it up on the hoist, I can come down and putter around under there.


Always good to find somewhere like that who appreciates our cars.