Alternator Removal and Replacement SOHC 3000gt

I would like to have a alternator removal video of my 1998 SOHC 3000gt and also the power steering pump removal. Thank you From The USA >>> Eric
Also I have a good freezer in the garage for the essential refreshments…

Hi Eric
I think this qualifies because I have only covered the DOHC engine so far. I haven’t had one of these cars for 20 years so could you send me a picture of the alternator in situ as a reminder of the location. Also, where in the states are you? Thank you for your entry.

Hi Joe ,
I think they are the same except for the amperage it puts out. I appreciate all of the vidoes you have put out so far. It has helped me tremendously. I will add the pics of the alternator and one of my car. Almost forgot I live in Hudson North Carolina

I just needed a picture of the alternator in the car for location reference.