Aircon screen issue

Hi, I have a GTO with a very annoying aircon unit. I had the screen fixed around August last year and it’s just gone again.

It seems unusual as it was working fine the last time I started it (about a week ago). However today it’s not playing ball.

It’s kept in a garage, with battery disconnected (otherwise the alarm kills the battery) & it’s run regularly.

Are there any issues with how it’s stored that could be affecting it (do I have a wider issue) or could something else on the unit have gone?

Thanks in advance

Forgot to mention that the controls themselves still work, so is just the screen.

They should last 10-30 years between service repairs depending on the climate you live in and the amount of use. If I did the repair, you should send it back to me as I give a lifetime warranty on repairs.

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Have you replaced all the capacitors? How was the board? It might be some short circuit due to the content from old capacitors that leaked.

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Hi Joe, when would be best to send it over to yourself? After the new year? (And thank you in advance)

Hi, mine too flunked suddenly. I couriered it to Joe who brought it back to life at a reasonable charge.


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If I repaired it, you can send it anytime mate.

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The simple answer is that they didn’t fix it properly and needs fixing again.

I don’t think that you can’ say it was not repaired properly if it has lasted 16 months since it was repaired. Even brand new electrical products only come with 1 year warranty. A repair implies that the faulty components were located and replaced but this does not mean that another part will not fail at some time in the future. As these units get older, the chances of subsequent component failure will be more common due to age but short of replacement of every component, this is something we have to accept.