Aircon display faulty gto

Hi folks, im looking for an aircon display mb609484. I had my own away to repair and apparently the actual screen is faulty rather than just the circuit board. Does anybody know where i could get one ? Even a screen as mine has had the board repaired. Thx

I’m having problems with mine which Joe says no probs with (put back and still freezes)so I got another and put in but that lit up when connected but started flickering and freezing and now lights gone out as well . I imagine I have a wiring to it problem.
What were your symptoms ? No display/flickering and partial detail freezing?

Hi, just blank display.

two little bulbs accessed from back on mine with blank display which garage will replace on the one just bought and blown and put original back and display good again so my problem definitely my wiring , but bulbs may be your problem.

Hi mate, have you tried jap attack? They break a few of these cars.

Wayne didn’t have any last month when I was looking but worth a try.

So sorry that you didn’t send this to me first. Just £55 would have seen it repaired like new.

Hi, have you come across the displays where the actual screen is faulty ? Is that something that you can repair ? Thx

I have only ever seen one faulty display and I replaced it as part of the repair cost.