Aircon condensor dilemma

Hey guys.

I have a dilemma. Finally got to the air conditioning stuff, and currently not too sure what path to take with the condensor.

The system works fine, blowing arctic cold, no issues at all, however upon closer inspection of the condensor, as I keep dighing into the front end, it seem to have seen better days. It is badly corroded. No leaks tho, nothing.

I have a replacement one in a nice shape but so I am a two roads - either cleant up it as much as I can (will lose quite a few fins as it literally crumbles upon touch) or replace but given it is R12 I’ll then need to go down the road of conversion to R134 which might be a pain from what I gathered…

Hence need your opinions - what would you do and if you did a conversion - what is the most painless way? (There are tons of different opinion on that on the Internet)

Much appreciated


Hi Vince , I was a AC engineer for 29 years stick with R12 all day long , its density means leaks are less likely to than 134a


Hi Billy. Thanks for your reply. Yep, I know that did a ton of research, but the issue is it is illegal nowadays so not possible to regas… thus if I change the condensor the only option is to go R134 conversion. However… some peple seem to have had good results with R12a as direct replacement but it is highly flammable and strictly speaking not legal to use in cars too… heh… Currently I am leaning towards leaving it as is until the condensor deteroates completely and starts leaking and I’ll take it from there then.

But still folks, chime in to share your experience with conversions, would be a good reference in the future.