Good morning all.

I’m going to replace my air bag ECU to try and eliminate my SRS light problem and I cant get the plugs out of the old one. Has anybody done this? I presume its something to do with the green plug thing but I don’t want to force anything in case I do damage.

Many thanks

It is to do with the green plug. If no one else replies or you don’t work it out for yourself by tomorrow, I will look it up for you.

Thanks Joe. I spent over an hour yesterday pushing and pulling but with no luck. I’m sure its something simple to do with the green plug, there is a metal clip underneath it but I don’t want to pull it out in case I do some damage. If nobody else comes forward with some ideas I would appreciate your help tomorrow.

Here’s the answer Gary.
Get yourself a flat head screwdriver.
Push the metal clip inward towards the ecu. It will slide under the green button and the green button will automatically flip upwards.

After the green tab flicks up. You can remove the plugs by simply pushing down on the tab and then pull on the plug.

Once you see how easy it is, you will kick yourself.


Where is the air bag ecu. My light just came on may dash but was wonder If there might be a simple way to fix it.

Thanks Joe you’re a star. I was pushing, shoving, twisting, pulling everything you could think of yesterday and couldn’t get it to move. I’m not sure I will be able to show my face on the forum again lol. It’s simple when you no how :grinning: I changed it over this afternoon it only took about ten minutes but didn’t solve the problem, SRS light is still on continually. I’ll try and change the crash sensor next to see if that helps. Many thanks again for your help.

The air bag ECU is under the storage compartment in the center consul. Just lift the cover and there are two screws inside at the back and just by the back of the cigarette lighter you will see a little cover gently prise that off and there is another two screws. Remove the screws and the whole storage bit will lift off and the ECU is underneath.

My personal findings regarding the SRS light on my 92VR4: if it’s on, it means that something is wrong with the system OR that the system finds a changed condition when performing the selfcheck at startup. My system had also it’s red light on but it only needed a reset with the diagnose tool, reason was the battery had been low on voltage for a while, so nothing really wrong. I would suggest to reset the SRS before changing other components because they are expensive and/or very old and fragile. The manual says a reset can be done by switching on/off the ignition 10 times never worked for me, disconnecting the battery and waiting days neither, only a reset with the diagnosis tool solved this.


thanks for the information

Yes I think you are probably correct all it needs is a reset but as we all know these cars can be money pits if your not carful. My local Mitsubishi dealer quoted £90 + VAT for a reset but couldn’t grantee it would not come back on when I drove down the road. A reset tool if you can find one would cost about £160 (I am told from Eval Empire). A new control unit £500+. So my thinking at the time, as it’s only a ten minute job, is to change the control unit (£11.00 from Ebay) and see what happens. Sadly it hasn’t worked so back to the drawing board. :rage: If anyone reading this that has a reset tool and lives on the south coast within driving distance of the DT3 post code please PM me, :slightly_smiling_face: