Air bag sensors

Any idea where the SRS airbag sensors are located for 1993 NA auto?

This is one area that I am not too familiar with but I think it is the little red box which is located under the wing on each side of the car. It is right at the top near the front and behind the splash guard.
Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks Joe.
The van driver hit the red one on back driver side, so are they under both back and front wings or just front. In for repair and respray next week and don’t want to take bulb out on dash to pass next MOT lol as suggested in spray shop.
Anyone find circuit diagram for them?

Service manuals are on this forum. I can’t recall seeing them on the back but I may be wrong.

Graham Roberts has sensor and ECU so will get both tested while being repaired. Still haven’t found them in manual for whole circuit but will try the local dealer exploded view monitor and see what comes up.

Found a pic . As you said under front wings and ECU looks to be driver side floor . USA prices $400 + new. A definite take the bulb out for that price. Good old Graham thank goodness if I need them.

I also have some if you need them.

Ok . Bodywork being done next week and booked in for 12th for oil/fluid service and the SRS repair so will let you know. Grahams sensor and ecu are used I take it yours are as dont want to pay astro money if used do the job.
With regards to cambelt Kit , I havent asked for it due to above needs paying for while insurance sorted.

They will be used. I am not that rich.

Bits on there way from Graham . Just looked at circuit diagram but doesnt really show where ecu is located apart from somewhere possibly on driver side front. The sensor is as you say ,under wing on front but any idea on how and where for ecu , please. Dropped car off to repair shop yesterday for respray and repair and its booked in for 12 th for SBS and oil changes.

I believe it is under the centre glove box.

Excellent . I can do that then. Thank you.