Air bag sensor location and testing?

Hello all my name is: Gary I have a 1992 Non turbo GTO. I’m trying to locate the front air bag sensor. Does anybody know where it is and what do I need to do to get to it and is there any way of testing it to check that it works as it should?
Many thanks.

The sensors are crash sensors and located on the inner front wing near to where the front bumper attaches to the front wing. They are red in colour with red cables going to them. Now be very careful and make sure you know what you’re doing when doing work on the airbag system.

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Thanks for your post. Therein lies the problem I don’t know what I’m doing I’m hoping someone is going to tell me. :thinking:

Famous last words :rofl::rofl::grin:

Im sure someone around here can guide you a little :+1:

just replaced ECU (under central Consul) and driver side sensor and SRS light still on . was hit on back rear quarter by auto parts delivery van in wales. So only other thing to replace is airbag unit in steering wheel ( or take bulb out for MOT) .
Alternate is bite the bullet and take to mitzy dealer for plug in OBD1 plug in I guess. as the others say beware as I’m guessing a novice testing circuit could easily set airbag off . Graham roberts advertising the sensors.

You have the same problem as me, SRS light stays on. I was going to go through the process of elimination, crash sensor then control unit. My local mitzy dealer has quoted me £90 to reset the light with no guarantee it wont come back on when you drive down the road (Not sure what planet they are on). Apparently you can get a reset tool, Eval Empire have them or used to have them for about £120. If you disconnect the control unit, I’m told the light will go out. Maybe easier than taking the bulb out.

Have bought a pair of 2 pin resistors off the net which apparently should complete circuit .so going to gently take the 4 screw air bag from steering wheel and fit . But if that doesn’t work
next mot is september.

Hi, leave your battery disconnected for 15-20 mins beforehand and any charge in the airbag will have dissipated and be safe to remove and handle.
In any case ,I wouldn’t expect a 30 year old air bag to be holding much if any charge, I believe that after 12 years their ability to hold charge starts to diminish.

Will do thanks. 30 year old air Bags , when you actually say it makes you think would they work .anyway. the knock on rear quarter was a skim not full on but perhaps it triggered unit which has failed?

Hi gentlemen. Is there a crash sensor on both sides of the car. I can see one on the passenger side but not the drivers side. Has anyone taken them out if so which is the best way to get to it. Many thanks. Gary