After Market Exhaust needed for my TT

Hi everyone

I am looking for an exhaust for my VR4. Unfortunately my other one rusted right through.

I am in Ireland though so it will either need to be here or someone who would be willing to ship it.


Is it an original exhaust that’s rotten?

No Paddy, an aftermarket one that was on the car when I got it.

If I was you then I would just replace that aftermarket exhaust with another aftermarket one… I have been looking since 2017 in hope to find a usable original exhaust to replace my patched one and I have never come close to one… They are rarer then hens teeth as they probably were never designed to last this long

Although I would take an original one, I am fine with an aftermarket one.

I have read some good reviews about this: tanabe medalion touring exhaust 3000gt
but it would be nice if some members around here perhaps have tried it.