Active Aero Trays might be available

I was quietly involved with Jensen regarding the fabrication of the Active aero trays. Unfortunately due to illness these have been on hold for a long while.

Over the last 2 years I have worked alone creating an effective way to produce these. Trying various molds, materials. (Carbon Fibre is the best way forward)
Although these look stock I have changed the fittings to the active bar, making it more aerodynamic.
I have everything ready to proceed and the Trays come with new clips, bolts, covers and decal .

If there is interest here then i will come back with a very reasonable price. There is no production line so orders will be personally created.


Pics will follow

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Im curious with those most likely being produced in carbon fibre, what is the potential damage on that when the undertray will catch a curb or ground on speedhumps and etc.??? Carbon fibre is strong, but it is also known to shatter when it goes, so is that not a potential recipe for distaster???

With the OEM rubber, holes can easily occurr, distortion within the tray and elongation in the fixing holes.

Carbon Fibre is stronger and yes can scratch and break But repairs are much easier using basic materials, resin and cloth, either glass fibre or carbon fibre

Carbon Fibre also does away with the metal work used on the OEM.

The expence of creating an injection mold or heat mold is ridiculously expensive and the price per Tray would need quite a few hundred orders to get a cost effective price.

Lessoning shattering is helped by the weave, and different plys involved.

Hope this helps



Hi Steve I would certainly be interested in one when you get around to making them so keep me posted on how you get along and price thanks

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I will post pics today @B15gto.


Nice one thanks and it’s naz should have really used my name :rofl::rofl:

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I definitely may need one too

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How much would these be?? They look awesome man

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This one is £600, as its full carbon fibre, but working with a guy who works for F1 Williams carbon fibre for one or two of the layers to be made from a cheaper material but not loosing strength.


Guessing not such a bad price to be fair but also guessing the more people interested the cheaper it will be??

Anyone working with carbon fibre knows the expence, unfortunately I would have to order hundreds of meters to get a slight reduction in price.

These are to be made to order, there is only so long the mold will release perfect mold.

I am hoping to test another cloth to help the cost down but until its tested i cant say but should be £520 mark.


I can imagine making a few isn’t cost effective and would need to be done in bulk so the prices come down but nice to know someone is making them and I’ll certainly be in touch when I’m ready to get one have way too much to do before this purchase lol but will get around to it thanks

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How much shipping cost to Singapore?
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Wow. You weren’t kidding. Those are beautiful! Mine is still holding up, but for anyone who had theirs damaged, seems like a great solution. Looks like a perfect replica. And yeah, it’s a very cool feature. Nicely done!

Regarding potential damage. Referencing my '93 VR4, I don’t think that would be an issue. Although I’m not familiar with carbon fiber, the AA auto retracts below about 20 mph, and tucks up pretty snug.

It’s been my experience that you just need to use reasonable caution when rolling up to a parking curb - as you would with any car. It’s not like it’s more vulnerable when retracted.

The originals have a flat steel bar that provides rigidity on the front. Does the carbon fiber compensate this?

Hi Steve
I also made the tray. However, with the original material. And only for the EU version with separate corners.
All attempts with carbon have not worked for me. Congratulations on your work. Looks very good​:clap:t2::clap:t2:. I had them deep drawn and had 50 made right away. From the price I am at 550 €.



Great work there mayey, they look fabulous.
Im sure people would rather go for your OEM version.

How were they made?


Hi Stevie
thank you very much for your praise. The tray for EU cars are only suitable for a few cars. You have a lot more customers there. I think it’s great that there are still people like you who keep our GT alive.:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

How were they made?

3 D scan, reverse engineering, milling tool and
Vacuplast Thermoforming

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I am interested if you can find a way to ship it to the USA economically.

How much all in to shipped to singapore ?