Active Aero Restoration

Just thought I’d drop a quick message to anybody who has queries restoring the front tray.

Very awkward plastic to work with, probably been constructed with an injection mould using dirty old plastic as it’s more like PVC.

To get a strong bond took some time, acetone wouldn’t react with it. Plastic welding also failed to maintain good adhesion.

After failing with fibre glass (too regid) and plastic welding not adhering, I finally used 3M Superfast tab repair adhesive. 3M 55045 combined with
FUSOR 700 supporting mesh.

Not for the faint hearted as set time is 20 seconds but it will bond great and can be sanded and grinder with a rotary tool.

Adhesion promoter is a must for priming and filling.

I used SOLL Plastic Filler for the flexibility properties and it’s also black for coverage.

More importantly …patience…and alot of cleaning between stages!

Finished in a Vinyl paint for flexibility, from there you can paint in whatever paint you wish, as mine isn’t perfect I wasn’t concerned about matching to OEM spec.


Superb job, it must have been a lot of research and experimentation but the finished product was well worth the effort, you should be very pleased with the result.

Thanks. Just alot of patience and understanding the material. Fail fail and fail again lol. Alot of man hours but worth it.


Great attention to detail

Very nice restoration.