Active aero parts

Hello guys, I’m looking for these two plastics. I don’t know how them are technically called.

Those are the front aero side plates fitted to the UK/EURO models only - you can’t get them from Mitsubishi anymore.
I fixed mine and used some plastic paint to restore them :+1:

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Hello, I know that mitsu doesn’t make them anymore. I can’t find them nowhere.
I tought I could try to repair them but are cracked. What should I do to “fix” them before the paint?

I would use a strong plastic adhesive and clamp then together- you can also use additional plastic pieces on the inside as additional support- that way you can see the repair. Then rub the outside down with some 320 grit paper and use black gloss plastic paint as it’s flexible so doesn’t crack as the parts flex. See example of the AA tray below