Active aero not activating

Thought I had renovated everything after de rusting the the front and refurbing the innards of the rear. Both motors work and the rear clicks in when the ignition is initially switched on and you click the cockpit switch and then resets when you drive away. Forgotten what speed it is supposed to engage ( by 120 still nothing lol).

Replace aerial and at that time the ecu was all connected and looked pretty clean , is there any other sensor to look for.

Are you sure that you lined the gears up?

Done by my garage man ( just did Cam belt and waterpump service ) not the electrician so mechanically sound I would hope, just taken apart cleaned and tested for power. Which end motor gear do you think as no hassle to take apart again now for access.

Check out my YouTube video that shows how to line up the gears

will do . Dash light is on .

Watched video and see what you mean about aligning mark with motor on main gear. So the fact the motor operates initially on the cockpit switch is not relevant as the gear has to be correct for ECU to operate it via motion?

Yes. If the gear is not set correctly, the stop command from the switch will be sent at the wrong time.

Ok . Its having regulator fitted today so I will strip and check/reset next week. Will let you know.

When Keith tested it originally he did not strip the rear unit only the front and we replaced the cockpit switch as that showed faulty. After this the rear flicked on when ignition switched on and returned to flat when engine started. Cant see that we have misaligned the gears based on that.
When the car is running the switch doesn’t operate the “flick” up down.
Wish I had brought it to you when you asked for one with probs .

Sounds like it’s not a gear issue then. I would only be firing random guesses now without seeing the car.

Understood . Will strip out boot and refit electric aerial and test the ecu at same time. Have a Clarke diagnostic tool but its OBD11 and havent seen a OBD1 apart from the RAC guy who wouldn’t sell his as was his own . Any recommends.

Regulator all fitted on blue one and works perfectly adjusted . Cam belt and water pump done as well . Basically gear change upgrade . Active aero and electric suspension circuit and electric aerial and partial respray to finish.
Red one SRS and respray on insurance then cam belt/waterpump and thats it finished .Both MOT til Aug/sept next year.