Active Aero help

Hey folks

I was just wondering if any of you have experienced the same issue that I am facing atm with my active aero…

It functions fine the first time it activates, but when it has activated once, it goes into a lock mode, and aero light keeps on in the dashboard until I turn off the car, and then I can activate it again to retract… Any of you had this issue??

So it activates automatically when You reach around 50 miles but it doesn’t retract when speed drops and that is for both front and rear ?

No, it retracts also again, but after that it wont activate again until I turn off the car for a few seconds, and then the same procedure again

I apologize, my previous post (which I’ve deleted) was incorrect.

The red AERO light only comes on if the front has malfunctioned.

If the system does not detect that the front motor is working, it will disable the rear after one activation.

I would recommend inspecting your front aero. I personally deleted my front aero but kept the motor plugged in and ziptied out of the way. This allowed the rear to function. (This was ages ago when I had my VR-4, now I have Stealths.)

If the rear does not function and there is no AERO light, you may need to inspect the limit switches inside the center portion of the rear wing. Common failure modes for the rear are bad limit switches and gummed up lubrication in the sliding linkage. Both easy and inexpensive to repair.

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JEY … Thank you lawdogg :smiley: :smiley: I suspected that something like that was going on, because my rear wing is not even connected and I tried inspecting my front aero, and it constantly only worked 1 time, and then having to reset. and that is as you say… I am straight off to clean and make it perhaps work better :slight_smile:

I actually just refurbished my front active aero assembly for the very same reason. Good luck!

My issue was the cap on the motor rusted off, and let water inside to gum things up. So I removed it, gave everything a rust removal bath, re-greased the cogs, cleaned electrical connectors, put everything back together, built a new cap and painted everything with rustoleum. The rods that move the plastic spoiler up and down were also rusty, so I took the assembly apart, sanded off the rust, used some boat grease and put that back together. It was a pain in the butt, but well worth it because everything works now :). I also rebuilt the rear aero motor and assembly. Be very careful if you take the motors apart. Make sure everything is in the disengaged (up in front and down in back) before taking stuff apart. Also, take pictures of EVERYTHING while you take things apart, little pieces tend to fly everywhere. Joe has a nice video on YouTube with some tips too.

Let me know if you run into any issues, maybe I can give you a hand, remotely :).


Thank you very much :+1:t2: My problem is the front as the rear one functions extremely good (knock on wood after saying that) I have to take the assembly apart and clean it up, but on first glance does not appear to be much rust to see… It feels more like it is not moving smoothly around the links, so I suspect that a good clean might clear it up

HI so when you rebuilt the assembly did you touch anything on the gears? I found out today that my motor works fine but does not turn the metal shaft shown on the large gear in the picture. I didn’t take the motor off because one of the screws is rusted in and I didn’t want to strip the head. Seems there is a plastic disk gear that is driven by the worm drive on the motor shaft, that should drive this metal pinion/shaft and I think the teeth on that are worn down.
Unsure if there’s anything i can do to try takin it further apart but I have a feeling I may need to buy another used one.

Hi, been a while. How did it end up going with your motor? Did a good clean get things moving again for you?

Yeah my active aero is working fine front and rear… A good clean up of the mechanism and the motor at the front solved everything for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there. Sorry I’m replying only now. The last year has been a mess and I hadn’t much time to spend with the car or related things. I hope you managed to sort out your issue though. But if not, if the gear wore out, and there was no rust inside the motor, I’m thinking there must have been some rust in the mechanism before of after the motor to cause excess wear on those teeth. There’s lots of moving parts in these aero systems. So something gummed up outside the motor could cause wear like that. Simply replacing the motor might cause the new one to run into the same issue if you can’t find out what else might be stuck. Luckily, I didn’t need to replace those gears. So sadly I have no concrete way to help you source a new one. When removing the motor, I did need to drill out rusted bolts and re-tap threads creatively. You could try finding a car in a junkyard and pulling an aero motor off of it for spare parts. Or maybe repairing it by adding some plastic if you’re any good at plastic welding. You could open up one of your window regulators or another motor of similar size in the car to see if it has a gear like the one you need replaced. Just an idea, I’ve never actually taken one of those apart myself. Then locate a spare somewhere and pull out that gear. Another option would be to try and 3D print one if you have the ability to design something like that. But that all sounds like a lot of work.