Acceleration Issues... PLEASE HELP!

Hello all my name is:Esten
I have a: 91 3000gt VR-4 TT (GTO, 3000GT, STEALTH / SL, MR, VR4, TT)
It has the following issue: Ok so we just finished doing the timing job thanks for the video, all of that is fine put everything back together as well installed new spark plugs and saw the tsp wires were messed up so I fixed the tsp connector and now thats fine. When starting the car it does not smoothly rev rpm’s it bogs at about 5 ,6k and as I try to drive it it slowing gains acceleration but doesnt get over 20 mph. I just replaced the tpu thinking that was the issue. Should I replace the tps as well. Also a few times the rpm gauges were fluttering up and down. Work and then not work .I have video if needing more info. Thanks guys !!!Not sure how we got it to stop but its not doing it now (be sure to describe it as best as you can. Remember to also tell us what you have tried so far)


Was it all working fine before you did the timing belt and plugs? If yes, chances are, you either got the timing not quite right, plug leads round the wrong way or spark plug damaged when installed. Also check the plug and wires are good on the PTU as this is linked to the rev counter and is a common fault. Finally, check you haven’t got any split or mixed up vac hoses.
It is highly unlikely that a component failed while you changed the belt and plugs so you are almost certainly looking for a mistake on reassembly.

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Yes it was, but it was sqeeking because of the alternator belt when we changed the belt the car wouldnt run right after that ? Took the head off and had bent valves ,got that repaired did the timing again after u posted ur pt3 video did the 3 rotations clockwise to make our timing was good there was no resistance in the 3 rotations. Put pulleys hoses and everything we needed just to start the car and it started right up but when i finally started to drive the car thats when the acceleration issue started happening i have a video im posting today if you want to hear what its doing as well as me repairing the tps pigtail…

Here is the video of the car and what its doing. and what I have been doing to the car…

So I was able to figure out the issue once rotating the harmonic balancer, I seen that the second cam skipped a few teeth. How do we insure when tightening the belt from the smiley face is fully tight so this doesnt happen? We saw ur video and used the pliers to tighten

After you tighten to the correct pressure, you then turn by hand and then re-check the tension. If the tensioner is showing more than 3mm of exposed piston, re-tighten the belt and then do the turn and check again until you get the correct tension, then it won’t slip.

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Ok soo after a loong few days I checked the crank and it was off by one tooth as well the plug connected to the throttle body was not plugged in. Plugged that back in undid everything tied down the cams and fixed the crank after reassembly the car started right up… but after takin it for a spin it still suffers from accelerating for some reason. It doesn’t bog like before though im able to get up in the rpms but then in 1st gear trying to get up and go (and not slamming it) in doesnt seem like it wants to gooooo even even i give it more gas.