Ac problem the last leak

Hi i have a leak from the evaporator, does anyone has a new one or atleast if used with no leaks. This is my last issue to solve the ac problem. And im really in need coz summer is getting worse every year. Btw the evaporator must be from a right hand drive i bought a new one from usa it didnt fit.

Which country are you in Anton? If you are in the UK, I will do a straight swap left for right.

Hi joe, im from malta :malta:, what do you mean by tge swap pls?

You said that you have a left hand drive one that does not fit.
I would swap the left hand drive one for a right hand drive one so you would not need to spend any money.
I can only do this if you are in the UK because shipping costs would be too high for another country.

Hi jo,
You have a right hand evaporator? I dont know how much will the shipping be from malta, the important thing is that i will have the ac working. :slight_smile: i wasnt going to swap but if you need it i will check how much the shipping will be.

By any chance do you have dashboard defrosters, and the right hand inner door card. Im trying to put my gto as it was original. :slight_smile: your videos are really great.

I know you can either buy the original defrosters or the 3sx ones off 3sx.

Replied by private message.

Hi thanks for your reply