Ac climate control

Good morning to everyone, does anyone knows what is the switch on the top of the climate control for?

I thought I had read somewhere that It switches Cent to Fahrenheit?

When i fix my screen i could check lol i still have my electrician working on it.

No. There are posts on 3sgto documenting it. The links to there might even be in the link I posted.

Long shot… could be to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

If you read the previous responses you would see the answer is no. F units and C units are two completely different units.

When I check it out i will let you know if it changes from Celsius to farenheit :slight_smile:

It wont.

As said before the C and F units are different part numbers.

Last update on the climate control, im happy that the screen is finally fixed, but i didn’t check the switch.