ABS sensor removal

Hey guys does anyone know how to get this sensor off the hub. Does it twist or pull, I’m afraid of breaking it. Thanks Peter

Important … try and remove it by gripping the metal lug part or you risk damaging the cable and wire connector.If you removed a small bolt on a lug which holds it in place it’s more than likely a pull out. From my experience of abs sensors on any old car they very rarely won’t come out without drilling them out. If they ever came out for me it was a combo of twist AND pull. The bolt on the lug would indicate a push fit. A threaded fit wouldn’t need a bolt and lug. Depends on if the abs sensor is working or not. If working I would try soaking over night with plusgas or something and try working it free with mole grips or similar. Not much help but best of luck

here’s a pic … push fit abs sensor

from this advert ebay ad

Judging by the amount of rust on your hub, your best bet would be spraying penitrating oil on it the night before removing it. The next morning, spray it again, then apply heat to the surrounding areas, careful not to apply direct heat to the sensor. If it still doesn’t come off with that, then consider the sensor beyond salvageable and apply heat directly to the sensor, then while it’s still too hot to touch, agony wax from a candle to the sensor, the heat will draw the wax around the sensor and will act as a lubricant and it should come out extremely easily with a twisting motion while you pull it out. This technique works will any rusty bolt or objects frozen in place with rust.

Another thing to try before the heat and wax method is to use a chisel between the sensor mounting plate and the hub and tap it to lift the plate from the hub, then you can use a pretty bar of some sort to extract it.

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Thanks a mil guys, I’ll soak it with penatrating oil and try to tease it out. Cheers

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Good luck, they very rarely come out in one piece especially the older metal cased ones - also now the left hand side front ABS sensor is out of production and other than Rob @EvilEmpire I don’t know of anywhere that can supply them. I replaced mine about 5 years ago and every year without fail I remove, regrease and refit to ensure their long life and servicability in future.

Thanks for the heads up, fingers crossed so

Is there a genuine reason you need to remove it, unless you need to replace the hub or strip it for powdercoating I would advise against trying to remove it unless it is malfunctioning - they’re around £150-£200 a side.

How on earth do those old abs sensors still cost these insane amounts when abs sensors for new cars dont even come close to those prices

Hiya Madluka, I’m stripping the entire suspension, braking and steering assemblies and refurbishing / replacing as I go, So I would really like to have it out of the way. Now that I know how it comes off and with the advice above, I’m fairly confident i’ll get it off without damage. Thanks to all

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