ABS pump restoration

Hi Everyone

Winter is approaching, the car is now in the stable, so it`s time to address some rust issues.

After been parked for years, it`s unavoidable that some bits and pieces get surface rust, damn bolts get rusted in etc - so a lot of fun is glooming on the horizon :slight_smile:

I am starting with the front end, and will be posting some questions along with my own findings/used tricks.

And now the first real head scratcher.

Upon removing the arch covers, it opened to this very unsightly picture. the ABS pump has apparently seen better days. Surprisingly it still works…

by my OCD won`t let me leave something like this in my car, so I am facing a dilemma. there are a few possible scenarios I can envision:

  1. take it out and restore. But it looks to be way too rusted

  2. source a used good replacement

  3. do the abs delete

So far I am more inclined towards replacing it with one in better condition, but the main question is how to properly remove/reinstall and here I need your help.

Has anybody tackled this before? any guidance?

The most pain I envision is to unscrew the break lines connected to it w/o breaking them. do they come out at all?

any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

pics attached.
image image

Hi Vince, I’ve never tackled replacing/repairing the ABS pump but I’d be keen learn how you get on. I did have a thought though. Does doing an ABS delete invalidate your insurance?

I would imagine it would since it is a modification to the original spec of the vehicle.
If you declare it to your insurance then the might allow it but I definitely would not do it without speaking to them first.

It may surprise you to know that your pump is in very good condition compared to the majority that I have seen. I wouldn’t recommend removing it unless you have a real good reason to do so as it will introduce problems that did not exist prior. I think you will get many more years from it if you leave it be.

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Many thanks guys for your input!

I have not actually thought of the insurance implications the delete might have, good point Matt! Anyways that option was my least favorite :slight_smile:

@Joe - thank you, I am genuinly surprised :slight_smile:

So I think it is decided then - to leave it be. I’ll try tho to remove as much rust as I can and put some protective paint right in situ to prolong its lease of life. Fotos to follow…

But still if anyone went down the route of replacing - please share your experience, would be useful to have it in the thread for future references.


That pump looks like it needs changing to me, wouldn’t trust it myself.

Hey guys.

Just wanted to post some update.

Joe was right, all was not that bad as it seemed. It’s just rust on the bracket and a bit on a motor housing.

So I have managed to take the bracket out. A bit of a puzzle to wiggle it out but nothing too terrible. The pump stays hanging in place, it is quite nicely supported by its brake lines, just needs to be gently positioned to rest.

The bracket has undergone a serious de-rusting treatment, and voila:

The motor casing has also been cleaned and for future proof it has been painted.

Important thing to note, the groung for the motor goes via the bracket. So it is vital to make sure there is a good continuity b/w the body and the bracket and then from the bracket thru the wire to the motor.

So here is the final result: