ABS light update

My electronic wizard garage guy has failed as my plug in socket wont send any messages to his guys.
We have old fashion tested sensors and relay and they are “active and sending” so probably the pump?

When I start car the light goes out and if I reverse it stays out. As soon as I go forward to pull away it comes on and stays on. Braking is perfect (luckily, as some dipstick missed her turning and jammed hers on today).

Anyone solved this problem with hammer to pump to free up as has been suggested or shall I give the guys the pump I have got from japattack and hope the29 year old pipes undo.

I had the same problem and finally found that it was the g5 sensor which is located in the centre console it’s a small box on a metal plate with 2 ten mm bolts hope this helps

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Thanks Hitman. Waiting now till Red one finished so not carless ,but have taken centre console out on that one when sorting SRS , so will have a look.

Sorry should have asked , is it fused sensor or complete unit

After trying my old guys who were initially too busy!
yes all sensors sending yes replaced G sensor
yes tested ecu
They checked abs pump and no it wasnt working as others said it was. In fact seized solid.
Light now out out with japattack replacement.