ABS light on constant (Wavy motoe orange)

Hi guys the red auto has at last got all bits for putting back together so now the TT blue 6 speed manual has decided to play up starts, drives and parks and now (2weeks apart !) the starter wont work. nice and simple duff connection or its old and needs replacing.

Whilst the garage guys sort that hopefully we can sort ABS light . I have tested all the hub sensors and although they are all sending and the light went off went first started it comes on as soon as I move off . Originally it flickered and went off afrer short drive but now continuous. Do the wheel sensors go directly to pump or is there another relay/sensor before signals get there. Anyone had a ABS pump prob?

There maybe some dirt on the ends of the sensors. Sometimes confuses them. use compressed air or something to clean the ends. Access is probably quite tight. Avoid removing the sensors to clean them if possible

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ok will try that again , did it about 4 months ago before mot and it worked for about 2 weeks then light on permanent so circuit tested them and they all came up working.

Yes - I have seen this problem. All the sensors connect to the abs ECU which in turn controls the pump etc…

If all your sensors are fine - then your ABS pump relays would be my next step as these can get water in them due to their location and start to stick/ become intermittent and then fail - hence the ABS light symptoms you describe. The pump has 2 relays - check the one that provides power to the pump first and bypass it - if the light goes out this is your issue.

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Sounds more like it where are they, any idea? Have starter and pump coming from Jap attack anyway.

Follow the brake lines - it’s behind the drivers wheel splash guard. I would ensure it’s a relay before swapping the pump. Also there are a few different pumps depending on the year of the car.

brilliant will swap that first .Wayne sending one down with starter and pump. Dont mind having spare bits for future.