ABS fault due to G sensor failure

Hello all my name is:Kyle
I have a: GTO TT 1995 (M REG)
It has the following issue: ABS WARNING LIGHT

So far a friend and I have hooked the car up to the ol scan after realising the abs wasn’t working and the kind seller had removed the bulb, first order of business was to fit a bulb and see, then there was the feared fault light on after four flickers on ignition then on full when started. First check involved fuses and relays, all tested fine the old fashioned way, next on to the pump… When given direct power you could feel and hear it working so no issue there next target was the wheel sensors, had the car in the air and got the wheels to spin… The scanner detected the wheel speed which was equal in all 4 wheels no issue there… Further down in this abs section on the scanner we notice no power going through the G sensor what the hell is that you may ask? It’s the bane of my life is what it is! A little accelerometer located under the centre console, part #MB942484 or MR569110 (updated) removed and confirmed no power through it. Any ideas on where to get one or perhaps a bypass that would allow my abs to still work? Thanks


I think i’ve gone through 3 of these over the years, tempted to leave it unplugged and just plug it back in for the mot.
You can short one of the pins on the OBD port to get the abs light to flash the error codes,

Any idea on what makes these go bad? I don’t think they are in any way serviceable which is a pain plus my part # MB942484 is very hard to find indeed

no idea unfortunately, i put it down to my charging circuit not being great or a dodgy battery charger, or just age!
Grahams ebay store was my go to but now he’s no longer with us (rip) i’ll no doubt find myself in the same boat as yourself down the line, hopefully Joe can get you sorted!

I vaguely remember you can test the unit out of the car with a 12v source and a mulit meter, it should adjust the resistance as you move it around, thats in the manual somewhere!

This I have done it had absolutely no power through it in or out of the car, Joe has one he has agreed to send, I am lucky man I have been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks looking for the damn thing

Also yes about graham I only learned of his passing recently it was a sour one, he was a very knowledgeable and helpful man! Undoubtedly age will be a factor however I wonder if any heavy impact of any kind even a curb hit or something may cause these to fail with their don’t drop sticker on top they must be more than usually susceptible to impacts?

Is it the MB942484 or MR569110 sensor you’ve been through? Or is yours different? Unfortunately Joe has not got a replacement for me, any idea where I may find one?

yeah the mk1’s are slightly different to the later models, 2 pin vs 3 - ask me how i know :smiley:

MB942484, is the one i’ve got, there is another guy who now breaks these - Jap attack on FB, JapAttack FTO GTO spares

I don’t know if this would be of any help but take a look at https://genuinecarparts.com/mitsubishi-parts?product_id=473983

Best regards


Wayne was the first one I went to at the time I also needed a suspension arm, which he provided hes been very helpful but doesn’t have one unfortunately

Hi brillo and thanks, I’ve made umpteen calls to the states for these websites claiming to have them and they don’t stock them, they take the money and look for it themselves, then they don’t find it and refund you, im hoping for a donor car somewhere to have one. Im in the delica montero and pajero forums but I’m not entirely sure which models have it.