Abs delete kit wanted

Hi guys

Can any one point me in the right direction for a abs delete kit please see the kits in the usa that are pretty cheap but postage costs a lot to get back to the U.K.


All you really need is a non ABS proportioning valve - the MR cars had them - also I’m sure they were used on other Mitsubishi cars. You can then replace the required brake lines with braided or homemade lines.

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Yea that’s right, are the lines easy to make? I will have a google on how to make lines.

Well this is the kit I have - sorry it’s not for sale.

If you’re engine is out of the car than it should be straight forward to make new lines and fit.

If you’re engine is in the car then it will be easier to fit stainless braided lines as you can route them easier.
Remember for MOT on these cars you can remove the ABS but not disable- so you must remove everything to do with ABS - sensors, pump etc…

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Where did you buy your kit from dude? And engine is out I’m looking to do a load of bits the whole abs section is rusted to bits would be nice to have it simple and less cluttered and easier to work on👍 Looking to get the rear steering deleted aswell and ac and cruise control with vac reduction done


The kit originally came from 3sx but I got it unused off a guy in the UK. I know 3sx shipping is painful so in your position I’d just buy the valve from evil empire or Mitsubishi UK and make the lines.

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