About to do a coolant flush.. which coolant?

As title what are the recommended choices here?

I have a spare 5l g48 but not sure if I should use g48 on this car?


4-Life Advanced Engine Coolant


I’ll go ahead and open a can of worms. I just had my 60k done at 42k and had some major cooling system mods done. The 60k kit was the Mitsu stock with the stock water pump. I had them install the 3sx high capacity radiator and also had them convert the system to Evans waterless. I spend many hours talking to an engineer at Evans about what to expect and he was spot on.

What I’ve experienced is slightly higher overall temps but the engine warms faster and any spikes have dissapeared. The key with Evans is proper prep proceedures - without that it won’t work like it’s supposed to.

Very interesting thanks for the feedback.

What kinds of temps are you seeing?

Keep in mind I’ve got less than 43k on it and have hood venting as well.

That’s tricky because the new radiator adds more than a half gallon and I had the shop clean the A/C fins as well. My fan has a manual override for high speed. I only use that over 200. Low fan seems kind of pointless to me.

So with the old setup, in light driving I’d see 188 a lot. However, one hard pull and I’d see 197 and it would not go back down quickly. On the highway @ 80 it would creep up to 200 and stay there with spikes to 205. Forget about doinf a highway pull.

With the new setup, I see 190 instead of 188. With a hard pull, 195 and back down to 190. On the highway 2 weeks ago I did a steady 80 + and saw 195 constant with no spikes. Had a tailgating farm truck who apparently made his mission to piss me off. I made him go away with a 130 run. Temp was 195 the whole time.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the O-ring on the rear hardline is junk. Even new one leaked so I warp some teflon tape around it which works. I haven’t done that since I got it back from the shop. I’m of the opinion that also affects the temp somewhat.

I had a conversation with a track dedicated owner who had the same thing when racing and had to back out all the time. With the Evans he’s
spanking those pesky Porsche guys.

Hi thanks for that very informative, where is the rear o rings I will look out for that!

It where the rear turbo hardline fits together in the back of the engine. All it has is a dumb little clamp to hold it all together. It’s the one where Mitsu says to put the super special grease. If I recall it takes 1 1/2 to 2 wraps of the teflon tape to make it super snug.

Are you referring to the metal pipe that goes from the water pump to the thermostat housing for the poor fitting O rings?
The one that’s red on my engine block.