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We are all looking for something and here’s the place to find it. Just post a message telling us what you are looking for and see what turns up. If you have parts filling up your yard, why not look here to see if someone is looking for it.

I’m searching for a pair of pop up gen1 headlight bezzles, if that’s what they are called? Just the plastic surrounds. I have the headlights and top parts but no plastics

Hi has anyone got strut mounts for 1999 3000gt
Looking everywhere but only found them in usa the mitsubishi part number is MB949423

Hi there:

Looking for 2 Rear Hatch Catch Brackets (Part# MB692960 & MB768358).

I saw them in one of Joe’s videos “Rear Boot / Trunk Internal Removal”.


Me too! Hopefully you find them and can let me know. I’ll do the same.