A question of which way to go

I have a 1993 3000GT SL.
I see that 3SX still has rear shocks /w ECS available. Is it worth it for me just to replace the rear even though front shocks are no longer available? Or should I just switch over to a new system?
The only problem I have with the present set is the Tour/Sport light is flashing. I think something is not getting a good connection because it does work at times. When I hit a bump or start off from a light at normal speed it will start flashing again. Frustrating to say the least.
What do you think?

I think your problem is more likely to be a bad connection. It is very common for wires to fracture at the top of the shock.

Are the caps repairable or just better to replace do you think

They are easy to repair if you are good with a soldering iron.

I believe that you will also get that flashing Tour/Sport Light when one of the motors inside the shock goes out and does no longer function or functions intermittently. But (loose/corroded) (wires/contacts) would be first on the list.
If you decide to just replace and go aftermarket without ECS, just disconnect ECS module in the trunk and it will stop flashing.

I appreciate the suggestions and I will check each cap first before money starts flying. Have to keep her rolling.

if you need shocks look at rockauto realy good
new shock $70 usd