A personal video

Hi Everyone
I just uploaded a personal video about myself and my cars. This had been requested by a number of people but I have been putting it off because of trolls and because I couldn’t understand why people would want to know about me personally.
The video is available to all from the start and was not given early viewing to patreon subscribers because it is not a repair video.
I hope it gives an insight into why I do this and that you see my passion for these cars.
Thank you for your continuing support. More restoration videos are being worked on and will be uploaded soon.


Just watched the video, its a great watch! and what an amazing collection of GTO’s! Just wondering though, do you ever plan on getting a MK2/3/4 GTO or going to stick with the MK1 - I do know you like them best. cheers

Hi Joe

It’s great to see your amazing car collection
I think you like red ones the most your attention to detail and it’s easy to see how many hours you spend on them
I just want to ask we all appreciate your time knowledge and your videos keep up the amazing work you do
Don’t listen to the haters :+1:

I don’t have any plans for mk2, 3,4 but if one comes my way at the right price, I will get it.
I am more interested in getting hold of a stealth and a mk1 with sun roof so that I can complete some requested videos.

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Hi Joe
At the tender age of 72 and with heart bypass and a bit of copd and other things I too love my 2, even after the E type ,Elans,Lotus cosworth 7s, supras,MR2s and my first sit up and beg ford pop with aquaplane head and twin solex.
They always need a bit of TLC and I think both have cost me double what i paid for them . BUT worth every penny the roar of the auto and sheer pace of the TT.
Since following your videos and joining it’s been great to get into self repairs etc as i did before the company cars and old age. So look after yourself and shout if you need anything from us.


Hi Joe,
I just wanted to echo the sentiments above and thank you for your massive contribution to the community and sharing a bit about yourself and your cars. We really appreciate your efforts!
All the best,

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When I bought my GTO, I didn’t know much about the car, or really a lot about cars in general. Because of the videos you’ve made, I’ve learned so much and have had half my car taken apart and put back together. Never thought I would do most of the things I’ve learned from your own experiences. I am so grateful and happy with the decisions. Life is short so its so important to try and do what makes you happy. Thank you for everything!

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself Joe. I follow a lot of youtubers, from fishing , koi, cars and everything in between and it’s the person as much as what they film about ,why I watch them.
Having owned my GTO for a couple of years , I am finding your videos a massive help. Keep up the good work and look forward to the future videos…

Joe90 , absolute legend !

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Hi Joe, I too would like to echo all of the positive sentiments above and thank you for your huge contribution to the community and sharing your love of these cars with us in the video. We really appreciate all that you have done enabling us to fix these cars ourselves. It’s amazing what you have achieved.
Keep up the good fight.

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Are you finding there is a rush to buy bases for more of a cruiser. Joe has shown me much and am proud of my little car and his passion is contagious. I’ve prayed for Joe and his health he is such a great man for sharing his story and passion.

I also want to see this video… Can’t find it on Joe’s YouTube channel :flushed::sunglasses:

Here you go: 3000GT / GTO Restoration Introduction Video - YouTube


Thanks for taking the time to talk about your passion. I just stumbled onto your videos and forum about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have been obsessive in watching your channel. Your passion is contagious and it seems others agree :). Keep up the strong work and may you stay healthy and live longer than me!


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Thank you for the feedback Greg. This is what keeps me going.