A little tip on screws into plastic

Hello Everybody.

Here I’d like to share a little trick that my old man taught me a long time ago, that is especially relevent to out cars during restaurations or just a normal disassembly/assembly processes.

As our cars are approching 25-30 yo marks, as Joe mentioned many times in his videos, a lot of plastics in them have become brittle and we have quite a few screws that are holding something being screwed into plastic parts.

When the scew first gets screwed in, it creates a thread in the plastic. Now screwes being hard material ans plastic being soft, if you just try to screw back in, there is big chance that the screw would not find the thread and starts screwing though the existing one making it hold less stronger, causing cracks etc.

So here is the tip - when you ready to screw in, just give the screw a few turns anti-clockwise applying very gently pressure on the scredriver. At some poiny you’ll feel a little ‘click’ - this is the point where the screw finds its way in to the existing thread. And from the moment start to screw it in. It’ll make the connection last a very long time no matter how many times you screw/unscrew.

Hope this helps