92 GTO Twin Turbo 5sp Gearbox

Taken from a 92 MK1 GTO Twin Turbo. A complete and working. £350.00 Pick up from Watford

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Worth every penny. Someone will snap this up. I wish I had some spare cash myself.

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If it weren’t on the other side of the pond I’d have already snagged it.

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I would jump at it if I was not so :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: far away from it… Would love to have a spare gearbox so I could refurbish my old one back to factory shape

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Its a nice thing to have as a spare as when they’re gone, they are gone for good. unfortunately mine is 6 speed otherwise i would have kept it. It is priced to sell so hopefully someone will get to put a car back on the road.

This is now sold.

I’d snap it up if you’d send it to New Zealand…hint hint…

Sorry Angela, its sold.

Yeah I saw that. Didnt take long.