92-93 Factory Cell Phone Parts

There was a dealer-installed cellular phone option available for 1992-1993 3000GT/Stealth. Those 2 model years of the car came pre-wired from the factory for a plug-and-play installation of a DiamondTel Model 92 portable cellular phone, complete with hands-free integration (This is true for US models at least; not sure about other regions/markets).

I’m working on replicating the complete install of the phone in my car, but am still missing an important part: the hands-free controller module that mounts in the trunk.

If your car has this option, this particular part would be installed in the storage tray next to the spare tire like this (along with the phone transceiver):

Here’s some other components of the phone system for reference.

Hands-free microphone and speed dial buttons on the steering column:

The handset and cradle. I have mine mounted with an aftermarket mount out in the open. The official install would place the handset and cradle in the center console storage under the arm rest, but the location I have mine mounted is a very common alternate location.

Here’s a part of the OEM bracket for the handset cradle in the center console storage:

Please let me know if you have any of these parts! Thanks!

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