6 speed transmission removal

Hi all, I’m in the process of taking out my gearbox and I’m at the point where the last few bolts are all that need undone before I start to actually slide the box out so, trying all the forums and clubs to gain as many experiencees and tips as possible. It’s a tight squeeze so I would love to hear thoughts from anyone who has done this, thanks


Was just helping out another member with the same issue on GTOUK, it is a very tight squeeze out the frame. I have only done it once and no more again, after that horrid experience it has always been hoisting up the entire unit as one piece meaning engine+transaxle way much easier and safe without worries of damaging any vital components. The fun part you will probably have is installing it back.
Good Luck!!

Hey Spursman, This video may be of some help to see someone else drop a gearbox, This one is a GTO but it should be the same concept.
Hope it helps, Good with the project

Thanks guys, just wish I had it done, before I am lol.