5 Speed Manual Gearbox Rear Cover Removal

I am trying to remove the rear cover of my gearbox (it’s out of the car) so that I can replace my worn 25 spline output shaft. I am following this guide, but I am unclear on some things.
I have already removed the 11 bolts holding the rear case to the rest of the gearbox. (One of the really long ones snapped)
-In step 2 of the guide, it says to remove an allen bolt that sits in the input shaft. Where on the input shaft is this bolt? Do I have to remove that small black piece cover on the rear cover to do this?
-In step 3 of the guide, it says to “remove the the little plate that holds the the three balls and sprins in” I don’t know what it is referring to.
It would be great if someone could clear these things up. Thanks!

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In step 2 - yes the plastic cap prevents dirt getting into the gearbox and then there is the bolt you need to remove.

Step 3 - there is a plate on the side of the part to which you are removing as you look at it it’s to the right of the plastic plug. This is what I think the guide is referring too.



I used this wiki to fix my 2nd gear synchro. I took the entire transmission part and inspect for any other damage


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Thank you! I have never done something like this before, I am learning as I go along!

@Adam_Warner this was my first time as well and I really enjoyed it. The Allen head bolt you need to remove is in there pretty well it’s 70 foot pounds torque spec and I ended up stripping the Allen head on mine when putting it back in. I would order a spear one to have on hand just in case. I got mine from 3sx. I’m sure you can find one on that side of the pond if you have any questions feel free to reach out I literally just finished mine.

Hi, I was able to get the cover off. The guide I am using says to move the gear out of the way, like in the picture I attached. It seems to take a lot of force to do this, am I at risk of damaging something?