4ws delete how to

Does any body have experience with 4ws delete I have been looking into doing it I understand there is a kit for it but there is not much information about where the lines get plugged off my guess is all the lines coming from the steering rack are removed and plugged with a bolt or something is this correct then the ones from the reseviour are fitted to the ones 2 holes below where the rack meets the bottom of the steering colum I just wanted to have someone clarify this is correct before I go and get this done

Hi buy the kit,

I removed the rear rack by dropping the diff and cutting it out. But if you want it all out in 1 go you need to drop the rear subframe.

Bolt on the two new tie arms I its place then simply cap off the ps rack lines at the front rack with the bolts in the kit and loop the ps fluid lines that go to the rear rack from the ps res itself.

It took me about 5hours…

Yeah the car is completely stripped going through a rebuild atm I have already removed the rear lines and steering rack i will be buying the kit shortly it’s more what I do with the front side of the car are the ps fluid lines on the front steering rack needed anymore and where at the front end of the car do I plug off is it just the 2 on the rack on the front end

And is there any located on the reseviour

The kit should come with 2 blanking plates I believe that block it off from the front steering rack, I will be doing mine aswell

No problem mate cheers is that the one from evil empire

The two PS lines that run under the passenger side of the car (UK) most people just run a small loop of PS hose at the rear where the hard lines connect to the flexible pipes. The rest is deleted and blanking plates fitted to the front steering rack.

I have a 91 GTO and it works lovely. Shame that you couldn’t get it refurbed