4 bolt twin turbo sump

Does anyone have a good 4 bolt twin turbo sump for sale please? Thanks in advance I’m based in Chester but can travel if necessary

hi yes i have one from a gto 94 in good condition

Hi bud. Amazing news. Do you have any photos you could send me please? Also how much would you be looking for price wise? :blush:

will get some pics later for you …im in bournemoth so a bit far away but could do £50 posted.

Wonderful! Thanks bud I’ll take it.

Yes fire me some pics when you can and let me know your bank details etc

You’re a life saver, I’m worried to reuse mine because…well…see photo….

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Hey Rik,

Hope you’re well? Did you get chance to take any pics of the oil pan?

All the best bud

Sorry been slack and one thing after another …will send first thing in morning.rik

It’s no problem bud sorry to mither :slight_smile: if you get chance tomorrow that would be great. Thanks buddy

So will need a good wash out and sealent scrapping off but all good will no dents

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Thanks for those mate. I just need to do a bit of research yours loots a slightly different shaper to mine so I’m going to ask around to make sure it’s okay for my car. Will get back to you asap