4 bolt oil pump

I need a oil pump for the 4 bolt main TT block. Does anyone have experience with the non-OEM ones? I’m aware I can get billet gears for my OEM housing but it’s overkill for what I need.

I also need a pair of front wheel bearings and rear ECS lower shock bushes as I have one seized solid onto the spindle. I’m aware Joe was selling these and I had them book marked on the old forum but can’t see to find them here. Are they still available?

The gears don’t wear, the housings wear. Have you measured your old one? They’re usually OK and are not a service part as such. Check out my youtube vids on oil pumps. under mitsubishi 6G oil pump testing. There’s no sense in replacing parts that don’t need replacing.

Thanks for your response. I would rather not have to replace it and I’ll check out your video to be sure but I measured it yesterday and both the side and body clearance were in spec but the tip clearance was coming in at around .15mm
The manual says it should be .03 - .08mm which makes it quite a bit out. I measured the feeler gauges with a micrometer to check they are correct to, even though they are new :pensive:

measure the clearance when fully assembled, back cover to inside gear. I mention it on the video. That’s the only important measurement and not in the manual. That’s what determines the leakage.

Cheers for the advice but it’s out of factory tolerance so for me it’s not worth the risk of reusing it. I had low oil pressure on hot idle and I’ve just put new bearings in so I’ll be repairing or replacing the pump. I’m just after peoples experiences with the pattern parts at this point tbh so I can make a somewhat informed choice on which direction to go. If noone has been running one for any real length of time then I’ll go ahead and do it and share my findings, not that I do many miles myself. But I do have accurate gauges in mine so I can see exactly what the pressure is doing.

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