3sx and outrageous shipping costs

Since I got my car in 2013 I have regularly used 3sx for different purchases as I was short on contacts and they actually gave an ok service, but in the last 1 year they have implemented some sort of crazy shipping scheme that actually comes with some insane totally ludicrous shipping costs…
The last couple of weeks I have been frantically searching for a new exhaust for my car, as mine is completely unsalvageable, and I have had no luck searching here in Europe, so I thought I would look 3sx up and purchase from them as they have given an ok service, but the shipping costs they came up with for the exhaust was just so completely out of this world that I have to share it with you folks.

I then thought that this cannot be true and went on fedex site and asked them for a quote from the most remote area of usa to my location just to compare, and they came back with a quote of $922 and that is one heck of alot from $4302 I got asked for from 3sx :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

Yes, sometimes their automatic shipping calculator gives funny results.
Just send them an email and they will check the best shipping option for you manually. If you want they will also mark down the value (at your own risk of course, in case the package gets lost).

The best option for shipping price from the US seems to be USPS. 3sx are however a bit reluctant to use them, but it will make a big biddeference to all your shipping costs.

I did send an email asking them about that, and got answer back that that WAS the shipping cost from them :-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

Have you tried going to mitsubishi direct ?

Yeah, I tried contacting Mitsubishi here on the islands, and they contacted their Mitsubishi supply center in Holland, and said they could not deliver it :confused:

Which sections do you need ? If you are not in a rush, I will try to source it for you.

There is not really that much of a rush… It has not fallen off yet, but it sounds bad with the different holes in it…
I need the part from behind the Catalytic converter and all the way back.

Why not try evil empire or have a good tuning shop make you up a stainless system.

We dont have anything that even comes close to being able to make any kind of custom stainless system here on the islands where I am situated :confused:

Try Rob at Evil Empire Performance.

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Did You try Chris @ ninja performance? He’s got the one You are looking for !

Yes definitely try Rob @ Evil empire. He has a decent website and always helpful. I think even 3sx use him as his stocks are usually huge.

Since corrona people have been buying hard from rob so there is a wait on some parts

Everything he sells is the top quality stuff.

I have tried to email him a few times, and got no answer back, and I have just been told that I have to call him, but that aint an option as I cant speak English and I doubt that he can speak or understand my faroese language.

If you are looking for fast shipping, Evilempire Performance is not the place for you right now. I’ve been waiting for more than 2 months and have spoken regularly with Rob. He has had issues with the shipping from Japan and also mentioned a huge backlog of orders to process. Last time we spoke he was just about to send me the stuff, but that is now almost 3 weeks ago. He also said not all of the stuff on his site are in stock.

That has been the work from many. They seem for some reason they do not want to correct it before their reputation is totally shot.