3D Printed Glove Box Replacement Hinges

I have created Carbon Fiber infused 3D printed Hinges I have sold a few pairs already on ebay. I have one more set from my original batch. which is still on ebay at the moment. I am in process of printing more. I am interested in seeing how many people want these and do a group buy.



Have you tested their tensile strength compared to the originals? I have found that if you print them horizontally they tend to fail at the lamination between layers.

Yes we have tested that over the 3-4 months of testing and we have made adjustments.

Do you have available to sale?

Yes I do some some available

How can I buy a couple?

Yes. I sent you a private message

Any up for grabs still my glovebox being held on by zip ties :pray:

Yes. Where do you live?

I’m also in need of a couple hinges. Please and thanks!

Are there any still up for sale? Same fit for the 3000gt as for the Stealth right?

Yes I still have them for sale and yes they are the same. At a certain year they switched over it a piano hinge but I don’t know the exact year.

Do you have a link or private message so I can get a set? Thank you man.