3000GT/GTO Igntion Coil Rebuild Service

I am now in a position to offer a rebuild service for your GTO/3000GT Ignition Coil packs.

This is a rebuild service, not an exchange one, as I do not have sufficient packs to offer an exchange service.

The coil pack assembly is obsolete, and no longer available from Mitsubishi.
The existng wiring will be tired, insulation will be brittle, and the pins are probably corroded.
Existing bolts will likely be corroded, and unsightly.
Replace it all with new!

The pics are before for the GTO pack, and there are before and after pics of a evo 3 pack I have already done. (The GTO pack was in shocking condition!!)(I will add pics of the completed GTO pack shortly)

The service is complete with new wiring loom, electrical connector,bolts and washers.
Also included are new 12mm headed bracket mounting bolts.

£120 delivered(rebuild service)

Any questions, please ask.



you should post this on the fb groups too

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Update on this.
First wiring loom completed, and pack refurbished.
Will take with me to Santa Pod
Available on an exchange basis
Price reduced to £95+p&p

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