2nd gen Radio in 1st gen 3000gt

Has anyone ever fit an oem radio from a 2nd gen 3000gt into a 1st gen? I‘m pretty sure they have different plugs but could they be re-wired and are the radios the same size?

Or if anyone just had a 1st gen oem radio that I could buy that would be nice, they seem to be very expensive online

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As far as I can see, they are the same in every way. The ones that I have here seem to swap, no problem.

The early 1st gens had a two-plug config, they switched to a one-plug config in late 92 that carried on into the second gens, if you have a one-plug radio that you want to put in a two-plug car, they make a plug-and-play adapter for it! (Heck, some even came prewired with the two-plug to one-plug conversion from the factory)

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Here is my one-plug radio for my 93.

(The second plug you see there is for the steering wheel controls)

My 1993 JDM

That’s really great information Spiros. It is really strange that not one of my cars has the single plug radio so I am really puzzled. Now I have learnt something new today. :+1::grin:

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Thanks a lot for the info, do you have a link or something for the adapter I would need to plug the 2nd gen radio into a first gen? I’ll probably end up needing it

I bought metra adapters from Amazon for 1999 3000GT Radio to an aftermarket radio and they didn’t fit… I was so angry. It was a waste of money and time waiting for it to ship. I ended up splicing the wires the old fashioned way.