2nd competition winner

Just finished a full day’s video recording with the second winner of my competition. Todays video was a timing belt change for Vince which was partly filmed on a turbo and fully filmed on Vinces n/a car. We also did water pump replacement and a number of new pulleys. I hope to have the video uploaded this week but it is a massive job so take some time off work to put your feet up and watch it. Thanks to Vince for trusting me with his car.
I’m now looking forward to announcing and meeting the winner of the competition from somewhere else in the world. The competition is still open to forum members in the rest of the world until the travel restrictions end.


Can’t wait to see that video, Joe! Thank you so much for everything you do for us 3000GT/GTO/Stealth fans!

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Oh boy, what a day it was! :slight_smile:

Got to meet the Legend himself and all his amazing family, had a chance to work together on the car and share good stories and laughs over a lunch. Just simple unforgettable experience.

We started around 10 am in finished closer to 8 pm. Pretty much non stop working. Mitch (future James Cameron I am sure) was directing the show in such a pro manner so that at times I was forgetting we were being filmed!

And that timing says a lot about the nature of the job itself. Guys, teling you all, it is not for faint hearted. It is simply huge. But, it is doable for the man at home, given that the right tools are at hand and you have guidelines for reference (which this video I am sure will be best of them all you can find on the web), so just focus, don’t rush things, get your tools prepared and ideally invite a friend over as a few steps are best to be done with 2 pairs of hands.

What I also wanted to say, I raraly see people so passionate about anything like Joe is passionate about those cars. His knowledge and determination to help us the owners of such rare these days cars, this is what gives us hope that we still can keep them well maintaned and cared for in more years to come.

Joe, thank you!


I’m doing a timing belt change right now. Wish I would have won this competition