297 discs brand new

pair of 297 front/rear discs still in delivery box from last year . Didn’t check and both mine are upgraded 315 and calipers.


£57.09 delivered by DPD or best offer.

Rich Green 07932236247

Eerrr… I kinda need new brake discs for my 1991 VR4 and those should fit mine if I am not mistaken… Can somebody confirm it fits mine??

Would it be possible to get them shipped to the Faroe Islands if they fit??

Ps. mine is all stock brakes.

Hi Johan
Just checked couple of international couriers
UPS £108 and DHL £106 to Faroe Islands so price would basically be £150 delivered.

If you can do better with courier Parcel size 30cm x 30cm x 13cm weight 15 kilos