1st Gen Headlight level adjustment

Hello all my name is: Paul
I have a UK : (1993 3000GT, TT)

I’m in the middle of an extensive restoration and have just reached the popup headlight units. Joe90’s video has been very useful helping me in the dismantling of these weird contraptions. Buried deep inside the unit there is an electronic component that I believe is the Leveling Adjuster which is controlled by the switch (wheel) on the dashboard and has four levels 0-3.

  1. Given that the dismantling of the car is at an advanced stage, testing this unit may/may not be possible but would appreciate any hints.
  2. If its ‘duff’ can it be bypassed and the headlight level set (fixed) to say level 1 or 2?
  3. What are the chances of finding a replacement part. It seems these were only fitted to European vehicles. They are not on the US models so no joy finding new/used replacements.

Love the site. Keep up the good work. There’s only 57 of these left on UK roads and I’m determined to make it 58!



Hi Paul, well, two years have passed since you posted, so getting a response now is a bit after the horse has bolted! Anyway, I don’t have a solution, but I have the same issue. I’ve been restoring my UK 3000GT, and have been stripoing/derusting my headlamps. I have that levelling motor inside the pods, and want to test it to see if it is bust. What did you do? Did you find a replacement? Jonathan


2 years later and still working on mine too!!

I’m affraid I’m still in the strip down phase of the project so I haven’t got to reinstallation of the lights (or anything else for that matter!) so I can’t really advise you about testing/replacing the motor. I’m cautious about testing off the vehicle just in case a simple 12v test blows anything or sets the motor position contrary to its on-vehicle default - I’m not an electronics expert.

I did find and replace the tensioning springs on the motor mechanism. I got them from Germany. Apparently the seller is on the German section of this forum. His website is Beleuchtung – DDA if you are interested in taking a look at what he has to offer.

I have also bought replacement lamps as the lenses on mine are cracked. After a long search for UK spec originals I decided to modify the housing/fitting to accept Audi 200 Headlight Set 79-82 Saloon Headlamp Driver Passenger O/S N/S OEM Hella | eBay. but they are no longer available on ebay.

Hope this helps and that you make faster progress on your project than I have!


Hi Paul,

I missed your response, so I’m just replying now.

Exactly the same here. I did not test the motor, because it wasn’t clear how. Moreover, I figured that if it wasn’t working, that wouldn’t be the end of the world, I just have to manually adjust the headlamp unit using the bolts that hold it in.

I’m amazed that you found those tensioning springs. Mine were rusty, so I derusted them, and they still seem to be able to hold some tension. What I also see on that website are the plastic sockets you screw the headlamp bulbs into. I cracked one of mine when taking things apart, but managed to successfully glue it together.

I spent some time looking round the web trying to find a headlamp that was the right shape and size. None seemed quite right. My originals had been attacked by rust all round the edges, and this had destroyed some of the silvering of the reflector. When I was about to give up, I found a second hand pair in good condition.

Well, I finished refurbishing my light units, and they are back in the car (haven’t checked whether the motor works yet!). After seven years of restoring the car, it’s mostly back together. My main attention now is focused on getting it to start. No luck so far :slight_smile:



Message me if you need any parts mate, I’ve got a 3000gt mk1 that I’ve broken